Apple’s next true wireless earbuds could come sooner than the AirPods 3, if recent leaks are any indication. Here’s everything we know about the rumoured Beats Studio Buds.

The leaks come from MacRumors’ contributor Steve Moser, who spotted the “Beats Studio Buds” in Apple’s betas for tvOS 14.6 and iOS 14.6, as well as 9to5Mac, who had a closer look at the next version of iOS. 

It’s interesting to note the iOS 14.6 beta was also where Apple’s new lossless audio tier was spotted before later being confirmed by Apple, meaning we could see a similar chain of events regarding the rumoured Studio Buds. 

So when could the Beats Studio Buds launch, what could they look like and what features will they have?

We don’t know the exact date the Studio Buds will be announced, but we’d expect them to launch soon as the leaks came from the beta for iOS 14.6. The iOS update could roll out anywhere between now and early June. 

There’s no word on the price of the Beats Studio Buds either, but previous Beats’ last true wireless pair, the Powerbeats Pro, were priced at £219. 

The clearest difference between the Studio Buds and previous Beats earbuds appears to lie in the design. 

According to Moser, who found images of the Studio Buds in the tvOS 14.6 and iOS 14.6 betas, the earbuds are tiny and look similar to earbuds from Samsung and Google such as the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Pixel Buds 2. 

Unlike the Powerbeats, the Studio Buds are expected to feature a true wireless design and they’ll lose the hook that prevents the Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro from slipping out of a wearer’s ears on runs. 

They’re expected to come in three colours – black, white and red – and will come with a matching oval-shaped case. 

There isn’t much out there about the Studio Buds’ features. 

According to 9to5Mac, who snuck a peak at the internal iOS 14.6 files, the earbuds will come with a smart charging case.

Image: MacRumors

The earbuds will pack an Apple chip – reports don’t go into detail on which one, but we’d imagine either the H1 or W1 chip – to enable instant pairing, as well as activate Siri voice assistance. The Studio Buds are also said to feature noise cancellation, putting them more on par with the AirPods Pro than the standard AirPods.

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