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Fenderist Japan 2020 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

We didn’t think we would have a second set of photos of this event, but our talented photographer Ryo Kato came through at the last minute and sent us 100’s of incredible photos that we know you all will love. As always, you can click here to view the first part of the coverage. Everything..

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Fenderist Japan 2020 Photo Coverage.

Another year, another Fenderist Japan event in the books. And just like last year, this year brought nothing but quality cars out from all over Japan. Before you get distracted make sure to click here to check out our previous years coverage of this event! For those who are curious to learn more about the..

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Spotlight // Kentara Umehara’s Nissan R35 GTR.

If you’re anything like me, when you think of the R35 GT-R, you think high performance. These cars are so engrained into the high horsepower tuning world at this point that it’s almost more rare to see one without a crazy 1000hp engine build and a big wing than with. This is the norm in..

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LS Powered // Wapo Felix’s Honda S2000.

Flash back to SEMA 2018 – Second day. Since I had spent my first half-day on the opposite side of the convention center in the conference/seminar area, I saw almost no cars. Well, no cars that immediately caught my attention. If you’ve ever hustled through that convention center barely on time (read: late) to a..

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Fixwell Japan 2020 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

If you’ve not seen the first part of our Fixwell coverage make sure to click here. Fixwell event specializes in wheel fitment and most (if not all) of their awards are related around the stance & wheel fitment of the vehicle, more so than your average event in Japan. We are looking forward to seeing..

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