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Samsung Galaxy M12 will launch in the UK this month

Samsung has just announced that its latest M Series phone, the Galaxy M12, will be available to buy in the UK from April 30. The M Series is one of Samsung’s most affordable smartphone lines, providing a cheaper alternative for people looking for a Samsung phone without the S21’s flagship prices. The M12 is the..

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AirPods Pro 2: What to expect from Apple’s next ANC earbuds

We’re well into 2021 and there’s been no shortage of rumours and speculation about the AirPods Pro 2. With Apple’s Spring Loaded event, could we get some concrete info on the upcoming ANC earbuds? Knowing Apple, that would be unlikely, given they only reveal products when they’re ready. That hasn’t stopped many online prognosticators from..

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AirPods 3: What we know about the 3rd gen wireless earbuds

Apple’s Spring Loaded event is nigh, and though the chances of the AirPods 3 wireless earbuds turning up seem slim, You never quite know with Apple, considering the surprise AirPods Max reveal in late 2020. So far rumours had suggested an early 2021 release date and improved features for the entry-level true wireless. Considering it’s..

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