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Logik Roku TV announced as Currys exclusive

Roku has announced the new Logik Roku TV, a range of affordable smart TVs available exclusively from Currys. It seems Roku really is intent on mopping up the budget TV market. Mere months after announcing the JVC Roku TVs, and following on from similar Sharp Roku, Metz Roku, and RCA Roku tellies, the brand has..

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What is MagSafe? The Apple charging technology explained

MagSafe is one of Apple’s most famous features, first appearing on MacBook in the 00s before making its way to iPhones more recently. But what exactly is the technology, and is it worth investing in? MagSafe is one of the most popular Apple features, popping up on a range of products since its inception. The catch?..

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Fujifilm X100VI vs Sony RX100 VII: How do they compare?

Fujifilm recently announced its newest compact camera, the Fujifilm X100VI. Here’s how it compares to one of our all-time favourite compact models, the Sony RX100 VII.  The Fujifilm X100VI and Sony RX100 VII don’t share much when it comes to visuals. However, move beyond the design and you’ll find a good number of similarities between..

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MWC 2024: What to expect?

MWC 2024 is set to kick off in Barcelona next week with a bevvy of related product releases happening this weekend – but what exactly should you expect from this year’s show? While practically every smartphone manufacturer in the industry will be in attendance at MWC 2024 in some form or another, that doesn’t mean..

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What are Tensor Cores? Nvidia’s technology explained

Ever since Nvidia launched the GeForce 20 Series range of graphics cards back in 2018, it has been equipping the vast majority of new consumer graphics with Tensor Cores.  Tensor Cores should not be confused with CUDA Cores, with the latter providing all of the graphics firepower required to generate complex images at high speeds. ..

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PS5 Pro tipped to be tailor-made for GTA 6

Sony is reportedly planning a PS5 Pro console to launch before the end of the year. An analyst told CNBC that another mid-cycle hardware refresh was on the cards, following the launch of the PS5 Slim, which adjusted the form factor but did not offer known boosts to the computing and graphical power. A Pro..

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