A close up look at the reflective Apple logo on the back of a 2018 MacBook Pro.

A new report from Bloomberg has seemingly shed more more details on an upcoming Apple chip that will power the MacBook Pro 2021 laptop.

Bloomberg reports that its sources have confirmed a new Apple Silicon processor for the MacBook Pro will “greatly outpace the performance and capabilities of the current M1 chips.”

What’s more, Bloomberg revealed that Apple plans to launch both a 14-inch MacBook Pro and a new 16-inch model with a redesigned chassis and MagSafe charger. Both models will feature the new Apple processor.

It has been speculated that the new Apple chip could be called M1X or M2, but there’s still no confirmation on that. However, Bloomberg has revealed some potential specs, with the next Apple processor expected to feature 8 high-performance cores and 2 energy-efficient cores.

Apple M1 Untitled Apple Chip
High-performance cores 4 8
Energy-efficient cores 4 2
Graphics Cores 7 / 8 16 / 32
Credit: Bloomberg

If such specs are accurate, then it would be no surprise to see the new Apple chip will leapfrog the M1 in terms of performance, with double the number of high-performance cores and 4x more graphics cores. Apple suggests the new Apple processor will come in both 16 and 32 graphics core variations.

Bloomberg also claims the new Apple chip will feature up to 64GB of memory, which is a big jump from the 16GB cap of the M1.

It’s not just the MacBook Pro that will be benefiting from an entirely new chip, as Bloomberg also suggests Apple will launch additional processors for the Mac Pro and MacBook Air 2021.

A new Apple Silicon processor for the MacBook Air 2021 and 13-inch MacBook Pro is said to feature the same number of computing cores as the M1, but will offer faster speeds. The max graphics core count is also expected to increase from 8 to 10, making the portables even better at heavy workloads such as video editing. This chip could arrive as soon as the end of this year, according to Bloomberg.

And then there’s also reports that the Mac Pro will be treated an additional new Apple Silicon processor, featuring a whopping 40 computing cores made up of 32 high-performance cores and 8 high-efficiency cores. The graphics core count will apparently climb as high as 128 too, making this a potentially monstrous machine.

However, this new Mac Pro isn’t expected to launch until 2022, so there’s still a long wait until this desktop PC sees the light of day.

Either way, it looks like Apple is getting ready to push the Apple Silicon revolution up a notch, as the company looks to complete its transition away from Intel processors.

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