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With speculation running rampant over Apple’s plans to release an augmented reality headset, Apple has released its first piece of original AR content.

To coincide with the launch of For All Mankind Season 2 on Apple TV Plus, Apple has released a companion app which will help to bridge the narrative gap between seasons one and two.

In the description, Apple explains the app will focus on the teenaged son of two astronauts featured in the show. For All Mankind: Time Capsule will superimpose artefacts from the show in a real world setting as the character explores the interactive objects. The app’s a pretty hefty 356mb in size and some of the features will require newer iPhones featuring a LiDAR Scanner to fully enjoy.

“Every object tells a story: a simple mixtape unveils how young love first began. A home computer holds the secrets to the teens’ changing lives,” Apple writes. “And items as ordinary as a newspaper and answering machine shed light on impactful events in the lives of Gordo and Tracy Stevens, revealing more about the alternate world of For All Mankind and what’s coming in season 2.”

However, the launch of the company’s first AR-based application probably has more significance for the next couple of years than it does for the Apple TV Plus series. Apple is heavily rumoured to be launching an AR device dubbed Apple Glass in the next few years, which would add a completely new dimension to its television content.

If you haven’t seen For All Mankind, it pictures a world where the United States were beaten to the Moon by the Soviet Union. It’s a good watch, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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