Anyone missing the ‘store’ tab will be very pleased with the new Apple Store design after a period of downtime.

In case you didn’t notice, the Apple Store was temporarily down yesterday for updates, but now it’s back up and running with a whole new design.

The new design features the old ‘store’ tab, which has been missing from Apple’s site for a few years now. The overall webpage looks similar to the Apple Store app on the iPhone and iPad, with a similar carousel of products and categories.

The website starts you on the store page, with a simple carousel of different product categories that have links to the relevant products, as well as links to find specialists for help or where to find your nearest Apple store.

Apple Store new design 2021

Looking at the photo (above) shows the newest products available, as well as any deals that are currently running, such as the back-to-school offer where you can get a free pair of AirPods when you buy an eligible Mac or iPad for university or college.

The items are displayed as cards – the same design as the Apple Store app – which you can see below.

iPhone Apple Store 2021

The new design also features a help section that’s dedicated to helping users understand their new Apple product, with options to set up a Genius appointment for device repair.

In the same area, there are also store highlights and options to trade in your existing device, get a new device delivered for free (or with two-hour courier delivery) and various options for picking up a new product.

Apple Store new update 2021 Help Section

Delving further into the site, you will find more carousels that will guide you through Apple’s newest products and various accessories, such as the AirPods Pro, and the Apple Watch Series 6.

The individual product pages also feature the same sleek aesthetic, with other options to customise devices before purchase, referred to as ‘The Apple difference’.

If you’re an Apple fan and want to keep updated with the company, check out the new on the Apple Mac Pro’s latest graphics boost.

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