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Apple will fix an Apple Watch charging bug for free, if a new watchOS update doesn’t resolve the issue.

In a support post, Apple acknowledged a small number of Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch SE users are unable to replenish their device once it has entered Power Reserve mode.

Today the company released watchOS 7.3.1 in an attempt to remedy the issue, but is also offering a back-up plan if the software boost doesn’t do the trick.

Apple says only a “very small number of customers” with watches running watchOS 7.2 and 7.3 are experiencing the issue, but believes todays update takes care of it.

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“If your Apple Watch still won’t charge, contact Apple Support to set up a mail-in repair free of charge,” Apple says on its support page. “Your watch will be examined before service to verify that it’s eligible for free repair.”

Apple says users can test for the issue by placing the watch on the charger and waiting for at least 30-minutes. If it’s still not charging after half-an-hour, that’s your cue to set up the free repair.

The Power Reserve mode kicks in when an Apple Watch is running on fumes. It’ll keep the time ticking over (literally), but all other features are switched off. It’s a really handy feature, when it isn’t preventing the watch from being replenished completely.

The update comes as Apple prepares to unleash watchOS 7.4, which will enable iPhone owners to unlock their handsets using Face ID even when they’re wearing a mask. That will come as a relief to those tired of inputting their passcode constantly while out and about.

The next Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive this autumn, with a design refresh tipped alongside new Micro LED display tech, a new blood glucose monitor and compatibility with the new MagSafe wireless charging technology.

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