The Apple Watch 6 has been on the market for several months now, making this the optimal time to speculate about what Apple could have in store for us this year. For everything you need to know about the Apple Watch 7, including rumoured features, a release date and more, this is the place to be.

As much as we enjoyed our time testing the Apple Watch 6, it’s hard to deny that the wearable came with far fewer upgrades than what we had expected. In this regard, it’s time for all eyes to point towards the Apple Watch 7 as the device to really shake up Apple’s wearable division.

With rumours continuing to drop about what the Apple Watch 7 could have in store for us, we’ll be compiling them all right here – alongside our own personal wishlist of features.

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Apple Watch 7 release date

In past years, Apple has announced the Apple Watch alongside the iPhone with the two devices available for purchase around a similar time. 2020 changed that, as instead of one all-encompassing Apple September event it was split off into a trio of online-only shows.

We got the Apple Watch Series 6 (and SE model) in September and then the iPhone 12 series in October. We’d assume Apple would switch back to having one large if conditions were possible for that next year, however that’s purely guesswork at this stage.

Still, we’d expect Apple to release the next version of its flagship wearable either in September or October 2021 as this fits with the previous entries. Of course, a lot can change between now and then.

Apple Watch 7 design

The Apple Watch has kept a very similar look for its entire lifespan. We’ve seen mild changes like a larger display and thinner bezel, but the overall look has always stayed the same.

Rumours have suggested that the 2020 Apple Watch could finally get a new look. Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac) suggested in a report that the Apple Watch 7 could have a significant form-factor design change.

While a new design would be welcome, we hope it doesn’t come at the expense of support for older bands.

We’ll likely see a bunch of new colours added, with the current ones either removed or altered. In the iPhone line, Apple rarely keeps many of the same colours around for more than a year.

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Apple Watch 7 features

One of the biggest rumours to emerge about the Apple Watch 7 thus far is that the wearable could include blood glucose tracking as its next big feature. Reported by ETNews, this could be a groundbreaking development for the Apple Watch 7 as it will establish the device as the first smartwatch to include a non-invasive means of tracking glucose levels in a user’s bloodstream.

Understanding one’s blood glucose levels is essential for anyone suffering from diabetes, but the means of doing so usually involve a continuous glucose monitoring system that pierces the skin. To avoid the discomfort that can come such devices, having a full-blown optical sensor that can track the same metric from above the skin will be a huge selling point.

While the details for how such a system could work are still behind closed doors, the feature does follow in the footsteps of Apple pivoting the Apple Watch away from its smartwatch origins and into the realm of being a comprehensive health tracker.

One addition that would make a lot of sense for the next Apple Watch is MagSafe functionality. This is Apple’s new combination of NFC and Qi charging and it’s been used in the iPhone 12 series. Being able to change the next Apple Watch on the same pad as your phone and AirPods makes so much sense and we’re quite surprised it hasn’t arrived already.

We’d also love to see the ability to charge the watch via an iPhone, similar to how reverse charge works across many Android phones. This wouldn’t be something we’d use every day, but in the situations where you were left with a depleted watch and a charged phone it could come in very handy.

While there hasn’t been an avalanche of Apple Watch 7 leaks, one 2019 report suggests that Apple could release an Apple Watch with a MicroLED display – tech many say Apple will use heavily over the next year. This would replace the current OLED panel and could, in theory, lead to thinner wearables.

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