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The Apple Watch 6 may top our best smartwatch list but, while the wearable does pack a decent amount of fitness tracking capabilities, it hasn’t cornered the rugged sports market just yet. This could be about to change as Apple is reportedly considering launching an Apple Watch designed to handle extreme sports.

News of the smartwatch – reportedly dubbed the Apple Watch “Explorer Edition” – comes from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg who spoke with people familiar with the matter.

According to Gurman, this isn’t the first time Apple has thought about releasing a rugged smartwatch aimed at athletes and hikers. The company reportedly discussed the possibility of marketing a watch to extreme sports athletes when it initially launched the Apple Watch in 2015.

While nothing came of these discussions a few years back, the Explorer Edition could finally become a reality if Apple follows through with discussions to release the sports-oriented smartwatch this year.

Scroll down to discover everything we know about the Apple Watch Explorer Edition so far, including its design, features and availability.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition Design – What will it look like?

If Apple goes ahead with the wearable, don’t expect it to feature a completely unfamiliar design. The watch is rumoured to be a variation of the standard Apple Watch, as the Apple Watch SE and branded special editions are released. The main difference will lie in the smartwatch’s durability.

“The product would have the same functionality as a standard Apple Watch but with extra impact-resistance and protection in the vein of Casio’s G-Shock watches”, said Gurman.

This could be done by giving the Apple Watch a less damage-prone, rubber exterior, according to the report.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition Features – What features will it have?

As far as features are concerned, the Explorer Edition will again have the same functionality as the usual Apple Watch.

However, Apple is rumoured to be working on improving its swim-tracking capabilities for future smartwatches, so it’s possible we’ll see those perks on the extreme sports-focused Explorer Edition.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition availability – When will it launch?

According to the report, Apple has internally discussed launching the Explorer Edition in late 2021 or 2022. This means we shouldn’t have long to wait if Apple does decide to release the smartwatch.

However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up at this point, as those familiar with the matter warn the watch could still be delayed or even cancelled at this point.

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