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The next-generation Apple Watch Series 7 could offer blood sugar monitoring and provide huge benefits for those suffering with diabetes.

The speculation comes after a company called Rockley Photonics, a British company that makes blood glucose sensors, revealed it counts Apple as its biggest customer.

The company also makes blood pressure sensors as well as devices that measure blood alcohol levels, meaning there could be more than one thing Apple is interested in here.

The confirmation came in a recent financial filing to the Securities and Exchanges Commission in the United States (as reported by the Telegraph).

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In the filing, Rockley wrote: “Rockley believes that its operating results for the foreseeable future will continue to depend to a significant extent on revenue attributable to a few large customers, including Apple Inc., Rockley’s largest customer.”

While this is no guarantee Apple is planning to integrate a Rockley sensor in the next Apple Watch, there has been plenty of speculation in recent years pertaining to blood glucose sensors.

The main benefit to patients would be the ability to measure their blood glucose without the need for needles. The company’s smartphones and Apple Watch models already support many of the apps out there for mobile glucose monitors.

Given the Apple Watch is becoming more and more a healthcare device as well as a smartphone companion, it would seem like the next logical step. The company has already added an ECG, high/low heart rate notifications and irregular rhythm notifications. There’s also a blood oxygen monitor too, as well as all of the motion and sleep trackers used to gauge our overall wellness.

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