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Apple TV Plus might have a much smaller library than all of the other major streaming service, but there’s a deeper concentration of quality according to a IMDb users.

A study aggregating reviews from users of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), found that Apple TV Plus content had the highest overall rating.

The average score for the library is 7.08 out of ten, which is higher than HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and Prime Video. It also beats newcomers like Peacock and Paramount Plus.

The data compiled by Self Financial (via 9to5Mac) does say the average score for Apple TV Plus content has dropped from 2021 to 2022 (from 7.24 to 7.08), but the service still tops the pile for the second year running.

Apple TV Plus does seem to be placing a greater focus on quality the some rivals, but lags way behind the likes of Netflix when it comes to the amount of content regularly hitting the service.

The likes of Severance, For All Mankind, The Morning Show, Ted Lasso and WeCrashed have been rewarded at award ceremonies, while Coda won the best picture Oscar.

In second place for the second year running is HBO Max. It’s content library amassed a score of 6.88, while Disney Plus is in third place with an average score of 6.71, according to aggregated IMDb review scores. Netflix was in sixth place (6.62).

Of course there weren’t the only metrics provides, and others can provide fuller context.

Self FInancial also looks into the value for money offered by the service. For example, HBO Max has the most films deemed ‘excellent’ by IMDb reviewers (a score of 8 and above) per dollar of the cheapest subscription cost (23). Netflix still has more ‘excellent quality’ TV shows than HBO Max (619 vs 230, to be precise).

Netflix also provides, by far, the most content. HBO Max is in second with 3,503, so while there’s plenty of choice, finding the best stuff can be more difficult. Apple TV only has 147 titles in total, but of those shows, viewers are certainly kinder when it comes to reviews.

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