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One of the most exciting iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max features is the new ability to take macro photographs through the Ultra Wide lens.

You’ll be able can get within 2cm of objects and enjoy some incredible detail from remarkably close range, if Apple’s marketing of the feature is anything to go by.

Handily, notes Input Mag reviewer Raymond Wong, the feature is automatically enabled when you get within 5.5-inches of the rear camera, with the device switching from wide to ultra wide by itself.

But that could also be a nuisance for those who aren’t necessarily looking to switch to the Ultra Wide camera for that particular snap. As the video below shows, the switch results in a jittery viewfinder.

“The viewfinder keeps jittering as it tries to choose between a regular wide or wide-macro shot,” the reviewer said (via MacRumors), remarking that “the framing should never change from what you compose and never automatically.”

As a result of the reviewer drawing attention to the issue, Apple has issued a statement promising a software update this autumn that’ll halt this automatic camera switching.

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In the simple statement, Apple said: “A new setting will be added in a software update this fall to turn off automatic camera switching when shooting at close distances for macro photography and video.”

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be available to buy on Friday September 24, with the cameras being perhaps the biggest upgrade along with the new A15 Bionic processor. It seems far from a significant enough upgrade to encourage iPhone 12 owners to upgrade, but for those on an iPhone 11 and older, it looks like a great option. We’ll have our review of all four devices in the iPhone range shortly.

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