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Apple is reportedly working on its first smart display, which could combine an iPad and the company’s HomePod mini speaker.

A new Bloomberg report from the well-connected Mark Gurman claims Apple’s take on the smart display will resemble the Amazon Echo Show 10, which offers a rotating tablet-like display.

According to Gurman’s sources, Apple has ‘explored’ using a robotic arm that’s able to move as you move around the kitchen or living room. This would be ideal if you’re enjoying FaceTime calls via the built-in camera, or trying to follow a recipe in an app or Safari.

The report says Apple is still very much in the early stages of planning the device and it may yet be dropped. That would probably rule out a launch in 2021, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

Likewise, the other major subject of todays report, which is a potential Apple TV device that also adds in a HomePod-style speaker. That device would also include a camera for video conferencing and “other smart home functions”, according to the report. The report says Apple will also offer the ability to make hands-free commands during Siri, making music playback a little easier.

Again, the report says Apple could decide against launching such a product. Naturally the company has not commented on the speculation.

Recent rumours suggest a new 4K Apple TV device could be on the way, with a focus on gaming. It’s unclear whether Apple would launch an Apple TV 6 and one akin to what’s mentioned in today’s report. Traditionally, the company has played it pretty safe with the Apple TV range, which is definitely due an upgrade.

We’ve been expecting a new model for over a year now, which is yet to materialise. Apple is due its annual spring product refresh, where we’re expecting new Macs and iPad models, while AirPods and Apple TV could also get a refresh.

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