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Here we go again! Apple is still working on the idea that someday, it might decide to put a selfie camera within the Apple Watch or offer one at as an attachment.

In a newly-updated patent filing published by the United States Patent Office today, Apple writes of a “protrusion” for a camera positioned above the watch face.

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According to the filing (via Apple Insider), the camera would be quite capable, rather than an afterthought. The patent speaks of a 12-megapixel resolution snapper with video of up to 4K at 60-frames-per-second. Rather than snapping hi-res photos and videos, we’d imagine the primary purpose of any camera would a quick selfie here and there, or a FaceTime call, but useful nonetheless.

In the filing Apple says the camera unit would still enable users to remove the band, so it’d be interesting to see how Apple manages the array should it ever go down this route. Of course, there are third-party solutions available, like the Wristcam which is MFi certified.

Quite honestly, we’d be surprised if Apple ever did go down this route. It has had patents approved for Apple Watch camera tech before, with a previous embodiment showing a sensor within the Digital Crown.

Even the patent itself speaks of how the addition of a camera “may result in a bulky device which may hinder user performance, may be uncomfortable to wear, or may be unsuited for performing certain functions (e.g., a camera disposed within a wearable electronic device may be awkward to position when capturing optical input).”

Again, we’d be greatly surprised if this actually came to the fore, but the fact Apple is still working on it means it’s definitely a possibility if Apple can nail the execution to its sky high standards.

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