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There’s been a lot of leaks and rumours surrounding the new iPhone 13 and its A15 chip, here’s everything we know so far about the fabled Apple flagship’s latest silicon.

Apple is gearing up to release its latest phone – widely thought to be the iPhone 13 – and alongside a new phone comes new tech.

The A14 Bionic SoC has been with us for nearly a year now, and it seems the A15 will be its replacement for the iPhone 13 series.

Keep scrolling for everything we know about the A15 chip, and keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll be updating it whenever new information comes out.


While a lot of the information is speculation, rumours and leaked benchmarks give us some idea of what we can expect from the A15 SoC, including how it compares to the current A14.

A Manhattan 3.1 GPU benchmark test showed the A15 chip hitting up to 198 FPS during its first test, however, this dropped to between 140 and 150 FPS during its second test.

That does show a marked drop in quality, yet this is still a huge improvement when compared to the A14, which sits around 120 FPS when tested in the same benchmark. In total that’s a 65% increase in graphics performance, which is good news for anyone interested in the latest series of phones. It also means any device running with it should be much better for things like gaming.

Looking at the A14 again, it packs a 5nm process, which is expected to make a return in the A15. Rumours suggest that Apple will be using a more refined variation of the 5nm manufacturing process that could give some small improvements in the phone’s power and performance. Meaning phones should be a little more power efficient when using it.

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When will it be released?

We’re expecting the A15 to make its grand debut in September, likely at the same time the newest iPhone models are revealed.

Apple confirmed the Apple Event will be taking place on 14 September, which is next Tuesday, at 6pm for the UK and 10am PDT. The Apple Watch 7 is also expected to make an appearance at the event. Anyone interested is welcome to watch the showcase online, so you can keep your eyes peeled for any mention of the A15 chip.

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