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Netflix has brought its Play Something shuffle button to Android devices, giving viewers a chance to quickly select a random episode for their commute.

The option, currently available on the web and smart TV apps, aims to help subscribers move past the indecision and quickly begin watching an item from their list, or based upon their viewing habits.

However, while it’s useful on television when seeking to avoid the curse of endless scrolling looking for something everyone wants to watch, it could prove even handier on mobile.

For example, if you’re on a daily commute to work or leaping on the treadmill at the gym, you might have limited time to watch an episode. Any procrastination here and you’ve ever arrived you won’t have time to get in a full show before arriving at the destination or finishing your workout.

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Netflix has just launched the functionally on its Android app, as spotted by the eagle-eyed folks at Android Police. If you have access to the feature within your Netflix app, it appears in a few places within the app. The report says:

“Accessing the feature doesn’t seem universal, however. One of our readers found the shuffle button alongside the profile selection screen while it was in the lower-right corner of my app.”

Android Police

Once users press the Android ‘Play Something’ button, they will see a suggestion, but can hit the button again to cycle through other titles, or simply tap one of the other suggestions.

Netflix Play Something on Android
Image credit: Android Police

Right now there’s no news on whether the launch on Android will be followed up on iOS, but we see no reason why it won’t be available on both platforms in the near future.

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