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Amazon recently released a software update that has left many Fire TV Stick Lite users complaining about frozen streaming sticks.

Thankfully, as spotted by PiunikaWeb, some users have come up with workarounds they claim have got their TV Stick Lites moving again. 

The complaints began to surface at the start of March when one user shared that they were having trouble getting past the software download screen on the r/firetvstick subreddit. 

Two Reddit users complained that they’d been stuck on the software page for 30 minutes – before they even had chance to configure the Wi-Fi on their new streaming sticks – while others on Amazon’s device forum seemed equally irked with their new Fire Sticks. 

One user said they’d tried three TVs, two Wi-Fi connections, all of the ports (with and without the extender) and have factory reset the streaming stick a dozen times, while another simply lamented that they’d tried everything. 

An Amazon employee joined the Amazon forum to share the brand’s technical team’s tips on getting the Fire TV Stick Lite working again, which included restarting your Fire TV Stick by unplugging it, leaving the device sitting for 25 minutes, restarting your home network devices, trying another HDMI port in the back or side of your TV and even using another TV, presumably to see if this is where the issue lies. 

However, this solution didn’t seem to work for everyone, leading some users to come up with their own fixes.

One user recommended holding the back button and the three-line button for 10 seconds, while another said that simply leaving the stick to do its thing for up to a day worked for them. 

One user even claimed to get their Fire TV Stick working again by unplugging the device overnight and plugging it back into both the power and HDMI ports for 45 minutes.

Thankfully, this issue appears to be isolated to the Fire TV Stick Lite, so Fire TV Stick and TV Stick 4K users shouldn’t need to worry about their streaming sticks freezing on them with their next software update. 

Trusted Reviews has reached out to Amazon regarding the bug and will update this story with any new guidance from the company.

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