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Amazon is turning its network of Ring video doorbells and security cameras into a You’ve Been Framed-style television show full of video mishaps.

Amid ongoing concerns about the company’s ongoing cooperation with police departments in the United States, and a myriad of privacy issues over the years (like hacked cameras and location tracking) Amazon is looking to show you the lighter side of its Ring empire.

The low rent-sounding show Ring Nation will feature clips captured by Ring videos and it’ll be hosted by the popular comedian Wanda Sykes, who you may know from The Daily Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm. We’ve all seen the funny clips posted to social media by Ring users – especially that dude who goes outside of his girlfriends’ parents house to rip one – and now Amazon is hoping to make a few bucks from similar clips.

“The series will feature clips such as neighbours saving neighbours, marriage proposals, military reunions and silly animals,” A Deadline report says. Naturally it’ll all be with the consent of the fame-seeking Ring Doorbell owners who’ve submitted the videos.

“Bringing the new community together is core to our mission at Ring, and Ring Nation gives friends and family a fun new way to enjoy time with one another,” said Ring founder Jamie Siminoff. “We’re so excited to have Wanda Sykes join Ring Nation to share people’s memorable moments with viewers.”

Ring Nation will be a syndicated show that’ll launch in the United States on September 27. There’s no news on whether it’ll be available in the UK.

Back in January 2022, an Amazon engineer called for the Ring network of cameras to be shut down altogether. “The deployment of connected home security cameras that allow footage to be queried centrally are simply not compatible with a free society”, wrote software development engineer Max Eliaser in a post on Medium. “The privacy issues are not fixable with regulation and there is no balance that can be struck. Ring should be shut down immediately and not brought back”.

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