Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon is reportedly planning to add a second Prime Day event in 2022, beyond the forthcoming two day shopping event coming up in July.

According to a report from CNBC on Monday, the retailer wants to host a ‘Prime Fall deal event’ sometime during the last three months of the year.

A notice purportedly sent to the company’s third-party sellers advises them to submit their products for consideration for lightning deals by late July.

The notice reads: “The Prime Fall deal event is a prime-exclusive shopping event coming in Q4. Submit recommended Lightning Deals for this event for a chance to have your deal selected!”

The next scheduled Prime Day event is on July 13-14, a little over two weeks from now. Traditionally, the summer event has provided enough of a buffer between the Black Friday sales at the end of November.

The mentions of ‘Fall’ and ‘Q4’ within the notice suggests it would be in October rather than before or after. Amazon hasn’t commented on the report from CNBC and it’s unlikely to do so with the July even coming quickly on the horizon.

A Business Insider report says both events are “expected to feature frenzied sales of TVs, sneakers, and other items.” It also brings word from “invited sellers” telling the publication that October is indeed the scheduled month.

Amazon hasn’t been doing quite as well as it was during the pandemic, when it became a go-to for millions unable or less willing to visit their favourite stores.

A further Prime Day 2.0 this autumn would further boost Amazon’s coffers as users rush to snap up millions of items they don’t really need. Like that air fryer I’m eying up next month.

The Prime Day sales, as the name would suggest, are exclusive for Amazon Prime subscribers, so the company always nets a healthy crop of new subscribers for the events.

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