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Reports suggest that Amazon AppStore isn’t playing nicely with Android 12 more than a month on from its initial release.

You might think that the maker of one of the most popular third party app stores on the internet – and a fully resourced internet giant at that – would ensure that their product was fully compatible with the world’s most popular operating system. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Amazon AppStore.

According to reports from the Amazon Forum, Amazon AppStore isn’t working for some people following an update to Android 12.

More than a month after Google released its latest mobile OS to device manufacturers, Android 12 users are complaining that most if not all of the apps they’ve downloaded from the Amazon AppStore are non-functional. Some have reported that their app library is failing to even show up on the Amazon AppStore

An Amazon staff member has acknowledged the issue in the forum, and has confirmed that the company’s technical team is “still working on the resolution”.

In addition, Amazon has taken to posting the following message in the app: “We’re excited about Android 12 too. Unfortunately we’re working through some issues. Thank you for your patience as we get your Appstore back.”

Again, Android 12 rolled out more than a month ago, so we’re not entirely sure that a company of Amazon’s size claiming to be “excited about Android 12” quite cuts the mustard here.

The Amazon AppStore is a commonly used alternative to the Google Play Store, particularly by Windows 11 users. It’s also the first port of call for many Huawei smartphone users in the West.

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