Masters of destruction iFixit have discovered you don’t need an expensive accessory for your new Apple AirTags to turn the item tracking discs into a key ring, you just need to be handy with a power drill.

In its most recent teardown, the iFixit team discovered it was possible to drill a small hole into the AirTag, without damaging the functionality in order to make space for a key chain.

Not that we’d advise this, but if you want to attach your AirTag to your keys or backpack or anything else, it might be preferable to the ludicrously priced Hermes-branded accessories that’ll set you back about £300.

iFixit says that if you’re willing to take a third quid risk, you can save yourself a bit more on the AirTag accessories that are priced at a minimum of £29 for an officially licensed key ring or loop (third part options from the likes of Belkin are a lot cheaper though).

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“After some reconnaissance inside our first AirTag, we grabbed a 1/16” drill bit and carefully punched a hole through the second tracker in our four-pack—after removing the battery, of course,” writes iFixit’s Sam Goldheart. “We miraculously managed to avoid all chips, boards, and antennas, only drilling through plastic and glue. The best part? The AirTag survived the operation like a champ and works as if nothing happened.”

iFixit even pointed out some ‘safe zones’ where users can drill without risking damage to Apple’s first product with a fully user-replaceable battery in years. Essentially they’re the clips for the battery holder.

Of course, any action like this will immediately void the warranty for the AirTag, but because this is a cheap item, by Apple’s standards, and not a flagship smartphone or tablet, the risk reward ratio is much greater.

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