AirPods Pro Conversation Boost

The new firmware update for Apple’s AirPods Pro earphones, released earlier this week, brings the handy Conversation Boost feature Apple promised this summer.

The handy feature will make use of the AirPods Pro microphones to amplify the volume of the speaker in real world situations in order to make them more audible. As well as boosting the volume, it’ll also help to reduce ambient noise.

This feature could be useful for those with hearing difficulties, but it also gives people a more valid excuse for wearing their AirPods when in company.

At WWDC Apple said the feature was designed to help people “with minor hearing challenges stay more connected in conversations.”

Apple said during the event: “Through conversational audio and beam forming microphones, Conversation Boost focuses your AirPods Pro on the person talking in front of you making it easy to hear and follow along in a face-to-face conversation.”

The new option sits within the accessibility settings for those using AirPods Pro with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. Here’s how to access it.

  • Open Settings and browse to Accessibility
  • Select Audio/Visual
  • Choose the Headphones Accommodations options
  • Seek out select Transparency Mode
  • Tap to toggle on Conversation Boost

Of course, users will also need to ensure their AirPods Pro are running the latest version of the firmware, called 4A400. You can check by connecting to the companion iPhone or iPad, opening Settings > General > About > AirPods > Firmware Version.

You can see the Conversation Boost feature in action in the video below.

The firmware update also makes it much easier for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max owners to track down their lost audio accessories thanks to deeper integration with the Find My network. The ear/headphones can now leverage the incredible array of iPhones and iPads out in the wild to narrow down the position. Apple’s audio products continue to get better.

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