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Adobe has announced that the Healing Brush and the Magic Wand are now available on its Photoshop for iPad app.

The iPad version of Photoshop was released in 2019, nearly 30 years after the popular photo editing software first launched on our desktops. While the app was initially met with criticism for its lack of many key Photoshop features, Adobe has introduced more tools since its launch. 

Now, two more popular Photoshop features, the Healing Brush and the Magic Wand, are coming to the iPad app. 

You can now use your Apple Pencil to fix imperfections with the Healing Brush. The tool samples pixels from an image or pattern, allowing users to retouch sections with the same texture, lighting, transparency and shading as the rest of the image. The feature also comes with a variety of settings, including diffusion, blend modes and brush angle options.

Adobe is also bringing the Magic Wand tool to the iPad app. The Magic Wand allows users to quickly select objects from flat backgrounds, making it easy to pick them out from the rest of the image. 

Finally, Photoshop on iPad is getting Canvas Projection, a feature that makes it possible to connect your iPad to a larger display like a monitor or TV via HDMI or USB-C and edit it on the big screen.

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The company has also announced updates to the desktop version of Photoshop, as well as digital painting app Adobe Fresco. 

Photoshop on desktop is getting even more skies to choose from in Sky Replacement, including night scenes, fireworks, sunsets and more. Independent Bezier handles have also been added to the Transform Warp tool on desktop, making it easier to stretch and bend images to fit specific shapes in Photoshop.

As far as Fresco updates are concerned, the app now includes colour-based Adjustment Layers so you can switch up the colours in any layer or group without committing to those changes.

All of the above features are available in their respective apps now.

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