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For any Translate fans out there, the well-known app might be getting a makeover in the lead up to the Pixel 6 release

Google Translate is one of the most well-known apps developed by Google, anyone who’s travelled abroad or had to take a language class has likely come across the app.

Despite being one of the most helpful apps out there, the UI (User Interface) for Google Translate hasn’t seen an update in a while, until now. It looks like the UI could be getting a well-deserved update to go alongside the release of the Google Pixel 6, according to reports by XDA Developers.

The news isn’t definitive as the codebase referenced could just be for testing, but Google Translate 6.2 1 did roll out over the weekend, with the option to use a new Activity titled New Translate Activity, which brings up a whole new UI for the app when launched.

While in use, since it’s still a new feature a lot of other functions don’t work, including the camera button, the more button, the star button and the account button, but we imagine these issues will be ironed out in due time.

The new UI seems to prioritise ease and one-handed usability, with all the relevant buttons, including the camera, microphone and more buttons, sitting at the bottom of the screen instead of near the top.

Looking at the photos below, you can see the difference in the layout of the screen when translating the text into different languages, with the new UI photo’s being shared on Twitter.

Translate Compared no speech
Credit: (Right-sided photo) Twitter

The new design also seems to remove the option to access the Phrasebook, Saved Transcripts, Settings and Offline Translation, as it’s thought these will be accessible from the More button on the bottom right.

Translate Compared
Credit: (Right-sided photo) Twitter

Everything does seem to point to this update being lined to the Pixel 6 release, which is rumoured to launch in October.

It’s not clear if the new UI is going to be exclusive to Pixel phones, though that wouldn’t be all too surprising, as Google has kept some of its updates as exclusives in the past, however, as of yet the new UI hasn’t made the leap to any existing Pixel phones.

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