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OPINION: We’re in for a big week of Apple news, as the Cupertino company is holding its ‘Far Out’ event this Wednesday.

With the likely reveal of the iPhone 14 set to headline the show, we’re here to shine a light on the other products Apple could finally announce at the show.

So, what are we expecting to see?

AirPods Pro 2

Apple hasn’t updated the AirPods Pro in a number of years – but it seems that will change this week with the launch of AirPods Pro 2. Reports suggest Apple is focussing this event on mobile tech, meaning the update to the high-end earbuds makes perfect sense.

Rumours about what exactly will be the big upgrades have been slowly trickling in for months, covering everything from an updated design that ditches the stems to a bigger focus on fitness. One feature that might have to wait until the next revision though is a switch from Lightning to USB-C.

Apple Watch Pro

We’ve got Pro iPhones, Pro laptops, Pro AirPods and Pro iPads and on Wednesday we could have a Pro Apple Watch. Rumours point to this Apple Watch replacing the high-end Edition versions, using tougher materials in the construction and focussing more on rivalling Garmin’s flagship sports wearables.

Expect a high-price, various new strap options to match the extreme sports aesthetic and possibly a larger, flatter design.

We should also see the Apple Watch 8, an updated Apple Watch SE with a faster chipset and the discontinuation of the Apple Watch 3.

The Apple Watch 7 could be great, but I wanted more from it

A new base iPad

While this one is far from certain, there have been rumblings that Apple will release an updated version of its cheapest iPad just in time for the new school term. Apple does typically update its base iPad, now heading into its 10th generation, during September so this could happen.

Updates rumoured for this revision include a boxier look, a switch to USB-C and the removal of the headphone jack. It looks like the Touch ID sensor, along with the chunky bezels, will remain though.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 14 Plus

After two years of Mini phones, all signs point to Apple switching things up this year. Instead of an iPhone 14 Mini reports from reliable sources including Bloomberg, say that we’ll have a regular-sized iPhone 14 and a larger iPhone 14 Plus that matches the screen size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max but at a lower price.

If the Mini series is anything to go by, expect the iPhone 14 Plus to mimic the iPhone 14’s feature set just with a bigger screen and a bigger battery.

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